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Criminal Defense Lawyer In Henry County, Illinois

If you face criminal charges in Illinois, it is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Don’t make statements to police or prosecutors that could hurt your case. Enlist the services of a proven trial advocate who is focused on protecting your rights.

I am Larry Vandersnick, a criminal defense lawyer in Henry County, serving clients in Cambridge and throughout surrounding Illinois communities. For many people facing serious criminal charges, I have been the strong advocate they needed when the stakes were at their highest.

A criminal defense case is too serious to place in inexperienced hands. When your future and your freedom are on the line, you need an attorney who has been there before.

Know Criminal Law From All Sides

I have more than 35 years of experience in criminal law and have seen cases from every side — as a prosecutor, as a judge and as a defense lawyer. My experience as a prosecutor allows me to anticipate and counter the strategies the state uses against my clients. As a former judge, I know what strategies are likely to get results and which are likely to fail.

I’m the attorney people trust when the charges are serious and the evidence is strong.
I have established a proven record of success in criminal defense cases, including drug crime defense, DUI defense, assault and battery, white collar crimes and more.

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If you or someone close to you faces criminal charges in Illinois, I am here to provide you with the strong, knowledgeable defense representation you need. Contact my law office today online or by telephone to arrange a consultation with an experienced Illinois criminal defense lawyer.

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Cambridge Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges in Illinois, I am prepared to provide you with the strong defense representation you need.

As a Henry County criminal defense attorney with more than 35 years of legal experience, I am equipped to defend clients against all felony and misdemeanor charges, including:

Latest Court Victories Henry County

You want a criminal defense attorney in Henry County IL that has proven themselves in court? Here is a list of the latest victories by Larry Vandersnick. If you need legal advice in Henry County IL, you can count on Larry Vandersnick. For representation in the area of criminal defense in Henry County, including Kewanee, Geneseo, Cambridge, Atkinson, Orion, Annawan, or elsewhere in Illinois, you won’t find a more experienced defense resource than Larry Vandersnick. To learn more about his experience, check out his profile, and then contact Larry to see how he can help you. If you have been charged with a serious crime you can’t settle for an inexperienced defense lawyer. Count on experience, count on Larry Vandersnick.

Client Charge

  • 2017-CF-237

  • 2016-DT-05

  • 2017-MR-52

  • 2017-CF-35

  • 2016-DT-152

  • 2017-DT-39

  • 2015-CF-54

  • 2015-CF-55

  • 2017-CF-81

  • 2015-DT-243

  • 2016-DT-187

  • 2016-CF-68

  • 2016-CF-289

  • 2016-CM-121

  • 2016-CM-91

  • 2016-DT-71-72

  • 2016-DT-2-3

  • 2013-CF-35

  • 2015-DT-28-29

Case Results

  • August 31. 2017. DUI hearing on Petition to Rescind SSS; petition granted:

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  • August 04. 2017. DUI Bench trial; set 08/08/17 – dismissed:

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  • June 22. 2017. Car forfeiture; Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss granted:

    Read More

  • June 15. 2017. Negotiated plea; felony drug delivery reduced:

    Read More

  • May 24. 2017. DUI Bench trial; Defendant found Not Guilty:

    Read More

  • May 11. 2017. DUI hearing on Petition to Rescind SSS; petition granted:

    Read More

  • March 06. 2017. Drug trafficking motion to suppress granted:

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  • March 06. 2017. Drug trafficking motion to suppress granted:

    Read More

  • March 06. 2017. Drug trafficking motion to reduce bond:

    Read More

  • January 31. 2017. Petition to rescind SSS granted. Suspension is rescinded:

    Read More

  • December 28. 2016. Petition to rescind SSS granted:

    Read More

  • August 12. 2016. Aggravated DUI: Motion to Suppress Blood Draw:

    Read More

  • August 29. 2016. Felony Domestic Battery: Preliminary hearing:

    Read More

  • August 30. 2016. Attempt obstructing justice, possession of

    Read More

  • June 23. 2016. Disorderly conduct, Bench Trial, Motion to Dismiss

    Read More

  • June 23. 2016. DUI and SSS hearing, Motion to Dismiss granted,

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  • June 09. 2016. DUI Motion to Dismiss granted.

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  • June 03. 2016. Drug Trafficking, Counts I & II dismissed,

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  • June 01. 2016. DUI, Bench Trial, Defendant found Not Guilty.

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Attorney Profile

Larry Vandersnick

Mr. Vandersnick has firsthand knowledge of how the prosecution builds a case against an accused person and where it is likely to go wrong with its case.

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  • “Imhoff & Associates were recommended through my employers benefits program. I spoke with them regarding my case and they quickly had someone available to get started. The attorney handled our case masterfully! I have nothing but a huge debt of gratitude for our Atty. Mr. Larry Vandersnick and the whole Imhoff & Associates team. I will forever be grateful that I chose you guys to handle our case.”
  • “Great guy! Mr. Vandersnick offered amazing advice and was understanding of my situation and handled if with professionalism beyond my expectations. I recommend Mr. Vandersnick and will always have his number close by.”