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Drug Crime Attorney In Henry County Illinois

aboutPolice are aggressive in pursuing drug crime arrests in Illinois. Whether you live here or were stopped and arrested passing through, the need for an experienced, local defense attorney is paramount.

I am Larry Vandersnick, a drug crime lawyer in Henry County, Illinois. As a former prosecutor and former judge, I provide my clients with valuable perspective when defending them against drug crimes such as:

  • Drug possession: Providing defense to individuals charged with drug possession, including possession of all illegal drugs and unauthorized possession of prescription drugs.
  • Drug trafficking: Defending clients against all controlled substance trafficking charges, including the delivery and transport of illegal drugs.
  • Marijuana crimes: Representing those with marijuana charges, including the illegal possession, selling and growing of marijuana in Illinois.
  • Methamphetamine crimes: Providing skilled representation against charges of possessing and trafficking of meth, as well as manufacturing and meth precursor crimes.
  • Heroin crimes: Defending against all heroin crimes, including possession, possession with intent, trafficking and manufacturing.
  • Prescription drug crimes: Defending clients against prescription drug crimes as well as related crimes such as prescription fraud and forgery.
  • Drug asset forfeiture: Defending my clients’ financial interests in civil asset forfeitures by the government.

A drug crime conviction will change your life. Depending on the nature of the charge, you could face harsh criminal consequences that include fines, probation and incarceration. Also, a permanent mark on your criminal record will hamper your ability to find employment in the future.

I am here to help you avoid those consequences. With more than 35 years of experience, I know how to fight drug charges and I know how to win.

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