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Traffic Tickets & Offenses

trafIf you are looking for a traffic law attorney to avoid serious problems related to traffic tickets or a defending traffic infraction, then contact Larry Vandersnick. It is understandable that traffic tickets are an annoyance and a problem. When you are found guilty of the offense you end up with higher insurance premiums, and in some cases you could face jail time. If you fail to pay the fines from traffic tickets in a timely manner, you could eventually be arrested and put in jail until the matter is settled. With all the experience Larry has had in the court room, he knows how to handle these cases. If you need to go to traffic court in Henry County, IL, Larry Vandersnick is your defense attorney.

Traffic Court Henry County Assistance

In some cases, traffic violations can be a serious criminal offense. These cases require immediate action by a defense attorney. When you are involved in an aggravated vehicular assault or other serious charges, they can end badly without a proper traffic defense lawyer. If you are a commercial driver, then traffic offenses can even lead to the loss of CDL and an end to your profession. Once you lose your job, you can run into a large financial disaster. You need Larry Vandersnick to fight for you when dealing with traffic violations. Larry is also your best defense resource if you are fighting a DUI charge.

When you pay the ticket that you were accused of speeding or running a red light, that means you are pleading guilty. If you want to avoid the penalties you may encounter like fines, community service, and online traffic school, then Larry can fight for you. He can help you avoid these situations. Not fighting a traffic ticket will also mean that your insurance will be affected, so if you want to avoid that Larry Vandersnick can help with that also. Don’t take a chance and hope for the best. Make sure that you have experienced legal representation, like Larry Vandersnick, when dealing with traffic violations. Contact Larry today to set up an appointment.