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embelWhen you find that you are facing an embezzlement charge, you need to have someone defending you who know what they are doing. You need Larry Vandersnick. He is an expert in criminal defense. Larry has been a former judge, former prosecutor, and a former state’s attorney. With all of his experience in the court room, he knows how both sides of the cases will play out. This advantage will be a better advantage for you when being faced with embezzlement charges. For all embezzlement Henry County cases, Larry Vandersnick is your number one choice of defense attorney!

Your Embezzlement Attorney in Henry County, IL

Embezzlement charges can lead to serious penalties depending on the value of the property stolen. Whether embezzlement is a felony or a misdemeanor depends upon the value of the property so converted. When you put embezzlement into simple words, it is the theft of money from an employer. Because these crimes are prosecuted quite aggressively, the penalties can lead to confinement in a county jail, state prison or federal prison. Being accused of this crime can be a life changing even in a number of ways. Not only are you accused of a serious criminal offense, but your entire livelihood is a stake, along with your employment, and your future. Without a proper defense attorney, like Larry Vandersnick, your chances of fighting the charge or working out a good plea deal are slim.

In recent history, there has been leniency on white collar crimes. They generally ended up with probation, restitution, or a very light jail sentence in a minimum security facility. This leniency outraged average blue collar workers. It lead them to believe that wealthy individuals could get away with theft crimes, while the poor and middle class are thrown into jail. Because of this outrage, white collar crimes such as embezzlement are punished more severely than ever today to prove that they are unbiased.

This embezzlement charge can change your life, so you need to get ahead of the game by hiring a proper defense attorney. You need an attorney that can be very knowledgeable and honest along with years of experience in the courtroom. Larry Vandersnick will be the defense attorney you need to give you a fighting chance out of your embezzlement charge. Contact him today to make an appointment so that he can help you with your embezzlement Henry County needs.